Seven Swords for Seven Sins

“It was Pride that changed angels into devils. It is humility that makes men as angels.” ~ St. Augustine

Our Holy Mother revealed something to me recently in prayer. I commented on this in my initial article yesterday. Let me first give some backstory.

I had previously been discussing C.S. Lewis’ book, “The Great Divorce” with friends and how the angel asks the ghost for permission to kill the creature upon his shoulder. Like many of us, the ghost made excuses for his sin, but eventually accepted that his personal death would be preferable to living with the vile creature. As the creature is slain, the ghost cries out in agony, but then something surprising happens. The creature transforms into a beautiful white stallion. The ghost realizing the freedom he has attained, rides away equally transformed and exuding love from his very being.

With the above in mind, I was recently praying the Rosary. While doing so a thought came into my mind of Our Lady of Sorrows. I saw the image of the seven swords piercing her heart and then something remarkable happened. She prompted me to draw one of the swords from her heart and with it, slay one of the sins with which I struggle (believe me, there are plenty.) As I pierced the sin, I prayed “Oh Mother, please draw from your heart one of these swords and slay this creature, that I may be forever free of this enslavement.” (Recognize that sin enslaves us and keeps us from “living life to the fullest” as Jesus promised.)

Several days later, again while praying the Rosary, Our Lady shared with me a correlation between the Seven Sorrows and the Seven Deadly Sins – one sword for every sin. What a tremendous grace! I knew at this moment, that I could no longer delay creating a blog in Our Lady’s honor, because this revelation was far too important to the salvation of souls – so here we are. I know in the depths of my heart that Our Blessed Mother has plans for this: Seven Swords for Seven Sins. There are prayers coming that I am confident she will either reveal to me or write through my hands and this seven days of prayer (similar to a Novena) will be born. Please pray for me that through humility and the grace of Our Lord, that this gift will touch many souls and draw them ever closer to sweet Jesus and the living presence of His most Sacred Heart.

God Bless You All,


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